Dr.Wei Xia

 Dr.Wei Xia

NBCF 04/685          0234 32 22341       wei.xia@techem.rub.de

SFB 558    
Carbon materials and electrocatalysis

Carbon materials and electrocatalysis 

  • carbon nanomaterials, oxide nanoparticles, hybrid nanocomposites
  • modification, functionalization, doping
  • chemical vapor deposition, gas phase reactions
  • surface and interface, microstructure
  • catalysis, electrocatalysis, and applications as Li-ion battery electrode materials
Selected publications

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Selected Publications

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  • Method for the synthesis of an electrocatalyst (Methode zur Herstellung eines Elektrokatalysators) M. Muhler, W. Schuhmann, W. Xia, M. Bron, J. Masa. German patent application No. 10166308.6-2111 (2010), EP2397439, WO2011157800.

  • A highly efficient gas-phase route for the oxygen functionalization of carbon nanotubes based on nitric acid vapor (Ein hocheffizientes Gasphasenverfahren zur Modifizierung und Funktionalisierung von Kohlenstoff-Nanofasern mit Salpetersaeuredampf) M. Muhler, W. Xia, German patent 102008031579 (2008); WO/2010/000424.

  • Catalytic etching of carbon nanotubes (Katalytisches Aetzen von Kohlenstoffnanofasern) M. Muhler, W. Xia, German patent 102006007208 (2007); US Patent No. 7638111B2; WO2007/093582.